About Marriage Island

In the midst of the mariachi music, the clamor of the bustling restaurants, and the festive charm of the San Antonio Riverwalk, it is not unusual for a tourist to run across a wedding ceremony. This now common sighting started hundreds of years ago In a city that began with the very river you see today. San Antonio's rich history and culture sprang from the hearts and minds of dreamers and innovators who came to its banks. San Antonio is a city of passion, of romance, and rich character. The Spanish Priest Damian Massanet established the first Spanish mission in East Texas. During one of his trips Eastward, returning to the mission, Father Massanet encountered a Native American community located near this spot on the banks of what was then known as the Yanaguana River. Father Damian Massanet and his missionaries conducted a service here on June 13 1691, and renamed the river after St. Anthony de Padua (or San Antonio in spanish). The Tradition of marriage ceremonies on this island began shortly after the Mexican Revolution when Mexican priests blessed the area. The Ministry at San Antonio shares in this rich history and the passion embedded deep within the heart of every native San Antonian. We are proud to call San Antonio home, to share with you our culture, our heritage, and the very river that brought life to our city. We are established, original, authentic, and  passionate in our mission to represent San Antonio with integrity and to welcome every visitor to our city with the hospitality and friendship known throughout the history of the State of Texas. There are many things found along the twists and turns of the river, tradition is one of the most well preserved. We invite you to join us for a truly unique and authentic San Antonio tradition, as we leave our own mark in the history of this special place, and seek to carry our passion for San Antonio, the river, and these traditions into future generations. - The Ministry at San Antonio (210) 667-6503 


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