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If you and your partner share a common religious background or want to raise your children in a particular faith, this is probably the best choice for you. We offer ceremonies specific to most religious denominations, these ceremonies are the same as would be performed in the church of your particular denomination.


If you're not particularly religious and you want to incorporate a lot of personal elements into your wedding ceremony, a secular ceremony will work best for you.


If you and your betrothed come from different religious backgrounds, you will be able to incorporate elements of both denominations into your ceremony.

Non Denominational

If either of you is not active in any particular denomination but still identify yourself as a Christian or a person of faith, then the general approach to Christianity offered by the non denominational ceremony will be right for you.


If you and your partner are not religious at all, a civil ceremony may be an option for you. A civil ceremony is generally what is used by a justice of the peace.

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