The Recipe For A Successful Wedding

Marriage Island has been in business since 2004, and we’ve heard hundreds of thousands of different questions about how to pull off a spectacular wedding. The most common question we get, though, also seems to be the one that’s hardest to answer:

How do I make sure my wedding is a successful one?

This question is trickier to answer than it first seems, so we wanted to go ahead and break it down for you. Like a cake has several key ingredients that help it rise, a wedding has a few key ingredients that help make sure it’s successful!

1. Adequate Planning

The single most important part of a successful wedding is giving yourself and your partner enough time to plan. There’s no set length of time that you need to plan, as it’s very dependent upon the sort of ceremony you want. While you may have the ability to plan a quick courthouse wedding the day before, an extravagant, traditional wedding with all the bells and whistles (literally) will require months of careful planning, preparation, and coordination.

Just think: invitations need to be sent and responded to, vendors need to be booked, a venue needs to be decided upon, and the ceremony itself needs to be planned which involves a whole set of other concerns! Trying to shove all of that into the last few weeks before the wedding is sure to be a miserable time for all, poisoning what’s supposed to be the happiest day of your life.

2. Those Closest To You

Whether this is your family, your friends, your pets, or even an old teacher you’ve kept in contact with, a wedding is an opportunity to celebrate and you deserve to celebrate in the company of those who are thrilled to celebrate with you! This doesn’t have to be an entire hotel worth of people; if your closest four friends and your spouse-to-be’s parents are the only people in the world you care to celebrate with, the celebration will be just as merry as those couples inviting hundreds of guests each. The quality of your guests is important, and if you’re lucky enough to have a large quantity of wonderful people in your life, don’t feel limited to just inviting a few — when it’s safe to do so, of course.

3. A Beautiful Venue

Thankfully, Marriage Island has you covered here. For some, the venue is beautiful because of the occasion it represents, whether the ceremony itself takes place on a beach or in a courthouse. While it should matter who you marry more than where you marry them, we feel that marrying your loved one in a beautiful, exotic destination location just makes the occasion that much better! Our River Walk venue in San Antonio is the perfect place for a wedding, with a history of marriage spanning hundreds of years. If you have another venue in mind, we can travel to you!

4. Expert, Professional Officiants

Your brother’s cousin may very well have a certificate of ordination from an online church giving them the power to marry you, but that doesn’t mean they’ll do a very good job at it.

5. The Perfect Partner!

Unfortunately, Marriage Island can’t supply this one for you, so you’ll have to bring your own. But if you can manage that, we’ll be happy to perform the ceremony for you!

Ready To Get Started?

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