Why Marriage Island?

Wedding planning is a difficult task. From coordinating vendors to finding the right venue and figuring out who gets invited (not to mention getting color schemes and clothes worked out), all of the moving parts can be too much for one person to handle. The simple answer to the question “Why Marriage Island?” is because it will mean you won’t have to go through this process alone if you want a helping hand.

Marriage Island is a world-famous wedding venue, but we’re also a team of professional event planners that have helped thousands of couples say “I do,” and that experience is what really sets us apart. The Ministry at San Antonio, the ministers that act as our officiants, can adapt to any needs your ceremony may have, whether your ceremony is to be religious or secular. Our consultants can help you get started if you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin. Our event planners can be as involved or as hands-off as you would like.

We’re Here To Help

Our primary goal is to give you a wedding you won’t ever forget. If you have everything under control but want some help on the day of the ceremony, our wedding planners are happy to meet with you in the weeks leading up to the ceremony to figure out how best to support you. If you need more hands-on help, our full-service wedding planning package is a perfect option.

We can also help the soon-to-be-married with consultations to help them get started planning their wedding. Whatever your needs, Marriage Island is proud to accompany you every step of the way.

Flexible Venue Options

If you love what Marriage Island has to offer but have your heart set on another San Antonio venue, you’re in luck! You can host your wedding at our venue, have us relocate to your home or other location of your choosing, or you can even have your wedding ceremony on a helicopter, if you desire!

Marriage Island recognizes the importance of atmosphere and setting the scene, and will go the extra mile to make sure we comply with your wishes. If you have questions about venues or would like to reserve yours today, just give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help!

Experienced, Professional Wedding Officiants

The most important part of the wedding is the couple — but in our experience, the second most important part is the officiant. They are the ones who unite the soon-to-be newly-weds, marry them in a legal as well as ceremonial sense. They also are an essential part of the wedding ceremony, and a skilled officiant can make or break your ceremony — so make sure to go with one that knows what they’re doing!

Many companies offer officiants who only barely qualify or pastors who can technically marry you but are more comfortable behind a pulpit than officiating a wedding. Marriage Island’s The Ministry at San Antonio boasts handpicked, professional officiants with decades of experience between them to bring a degree of elegance to your wedding you won’t get if you hire a friend of your brother’s that got “ordained” online.

Your Wedding, Your Way

Marriage Island is more than just a wedding venue. We’re a full-scale professional event planning team dedicated to making your wedding the best that it can be, the way we’ve done for thousands of happy clients since we began helping others achieve happiness. If you need a wedding to be the best that it can be, you need Marriage Island’s help. Contact us today to see how we can take the wedding of your dreams and make it a reality!